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Sanwa SGS-01C drift car gyro system
Sanwa SGS-01C drift car gyro system .
The SGS-01C is a gyro system that will make your car easier to control, making it perfectly suitable for drifting as the SGS-01C stops the car from swinging off. But this system can also be used in the on- and off-road areas. The SGS-01C will make your car faster and easier to handle. It is compatible to all transmitters. You’ll get the maximum out of the system, when using it with the Sanwa SSL technology of the Sanwa M12, Exzes-Z or MT-4S as the aggressiveness (Active Range) can be adjusted from the transmitter.
SANWA SGS-01D Drift Car Gyro System
SANWA SGS-01D Drift Car Gyro System .
-Input: 3.7-7.4V
-Include Trimmer Driver
Futaba GY401 + S9254
Futaba GY401 + S9254 .
-GY401 Gyro- S9254 Digital Servo
-Length: 1.1" (27mm) 1.6" (40mm)
-Width: 1.1" (27mm) .79" (20mm)
-Height: .79" (20mm) 1.4" (36.2mm) not including horn
-Weight: .95oz (27g) 1.8oz (50g)
-Torque: 47 oz-in
-Speed: .06 sec/60°
Futaba GY520 Gyro w/Heading Hold
Futaba GY520 Gyro w/Heading Hold .
-Width: 0.79in(20mm)
-Length: 0.79in(20mm)
-Height: 0.39in(10mm)
-Weight: 0.243oz(6.9g)
-Max. operating voltage: 3.8~6.0V(gyro only)
-Current drain: 40mA(gyro only)
-Selectable servo frame rate: 70Hz, 280Hz, and 560Hz
-Center pulse width: 1520us(70Hz & 280Hz frame rate)
760us(560Hz frame rate)
-Flight mode: User selectable F3C or 3D
-Operating temperature: 14~113F
-Control system: Advanced PID control
-Sensor: MEMS vibrating structure gyro
-Angular velocity range: +- 800 degrees per second
Futaba GY611 Gyro w/bls251
Futaba GY611 Gyro w/bls251 .
- A super narrow pulse (760µs) drive system greatly improves servo response; high-speed processing boosts gyro response.
- The high-resolution 12-bit Analog to Digital accurately converts the sensor output to a digital signal.
- Newest generation SMM (Silicon Micro Machine) technology and a low-back aeroform case enhance vibration resistance and neutral characteristic.
- The GY611’s highly precise angular velocity sensor allows the AVCS to perform even better, minimizing rudder neutral position drift and eliminating the need to trim the rudder during flight.
- Includes the latest high performance BL251 brushless motor servo
Futaba GYC430
Futaba GYC430 .
-Gyro Sensor: MEMS vibrating structure gyro
-Operating Voltage: DC4.0V - 8.4V
-Current Drain: 30mA (excluding a servo)
-Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +45°C
-Dimensions: 0.81 x 0.81 x 0.43" (20.5 x 20.5 x 11mm)
-Weight: 0.12oz (3.5g)