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Engine cars

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All new 200mm chassis, the Serpent 710 represents the highest levels in quality, performance, drivability and usability. Serpent - Performance through Evolution
Serpent 720 1/10 touring car
Serpent 720 1/10 touring car .
Serpent is pleased to announce the release of the ‘08 spec of the European Championship winning Serpent 720 chassis. Maintaining the cars race winning geometry and already high specification, the 2008 version will now be supplied with a number of great option parts as standard.
The Serpent 835 follows in the prestigious footsteps of the World and National Champion Serpent Impact M2 Challenger. Incorporating many of the new features the Serpent Race Team developed, the 835 will continue to be the choice of champions in the 1/10 scale 235mm class for years to come.
Based on the ultra successful Serpent 950, the 'R' represents refinement to an already highly competitive car. Taking the basics we have further tweaked the design to improve balance & handling, lower the center of gravity and make the car easier to use. The results are innovative without being too radical, Performance through Evolution.
SERPENT 960 1/8 onroad car
SERPENT 960 1/8 onroad car .
The follow up to the successful 960-07, the 08 features a number of performance enhancing geometry changes and durability upgrades as well as including some optional parts as standard.
Serpent F180 KIT w/bag (No engine)
Serpent F180 KIT w/bag (No engine) .
1/8th scale Serpent F180 kit. This kit is supplied in a high quality carry case and comes with the exhaust system and body shell.
SERPENT impulse 1/10 touring car PRO 4WD
SERPENT impulse 1/10 touring car PRO 4WD .
The Impulse Pro carbon is the best Street Spec Serpent you can buy. Very well adapted for track or parking-lot racing, your choice ! Ease of handling combined with high tech equipment and lightweight carbon and aluminium parts. Proven technology !
SERPENT IMPACT-M2 1/10 onroad car
SERPENT IMPACT-M2 1/10 onroad car .
Add 4-wd transmission the world beating Impact M2 chassis and you are up with the ideal 1/10 scale car package. The ideal chassis and power-to-weight ratio. Easy to set up. Less critical for track condition changes, and an absolute joy to drive.