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O.S. GT15HZ With E-4051 SILENCER,38154

The O.S. GT15HZ 2-Stroke petrol helicopter engine is also the first petrol engine designed especially for 90 class engine/ 700 size helicopters. With an approximate runtime ratio of 1 minute per 10cc of petrol, it offers astoundingly long flight times and a low cost alternative to glow fuel.

Gasoline engine generates larger amounts of heat. To prevent overheating, a large deep-finned head is employed, which ensures a steady power supply by cooling the entire engine efficiently.

The Ignition unit has been designed with ignition timing specifically for helicopter engines and features a straight plug cap for easier installation in the limited space. Suitable for use with a 4.8-7.5V battery.

OS test data shows with a 300cc fuel tank you can achieve an approximately 25 minute long flight!

The included compact standard type silencer is suited to compact/sport installations especially in scale helicopters.


Weight:  Engine = 706g, CDI = 92g 
Displacement:  14.95cc 
Bore:  27.7mm 
Stroke:  24.8mm 
Power Output:  2.8PS @ 14,000 rpm 
Practical RPM:  2,000 - 16,000